Saturday, 23 March 2013



One day in lecture of oral histology with doctor Olfat..

Dear students..,

I advise you to  understand well the oral mucosa because the normal structure of the oral mucosa make you difficult to differentiate well in your clinic, and in your patient. So, if you don't understand well, you can't differentiate between the normal and the malignant structure of oral mucosa.

So, when you make the diagnosis to the patient, you will said to the patient it is normal structure, no problem, and just brush your teeth.. But, actually the patient maybe suffering in squamous cell carcinoma ( can be fatal )

Please my students, I want you to PROMISE me to understand the structure of oral mucosa, physiological and pathological very well. Because if you don't understand very well, you will be responsible for the DEATH of your patient.

Promise ok..

Students : InsyaAllah....

Dan jangan sekali-kali egkau mengatakan terhadap sesuatu ' aku pasti melakukan itu esok pagi' kecuali dengan mengatakan ' INSYAALLAH'